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Lightworxonline is dedicated to the supply of high quality LED warning light products for use in commercial vehicle applications. Our range includes LED Beacons, Worklamps, LED Lightheads & Rear Lamps.

We at Lightworxonline value you, our customers above all.

We understand that to meet your demands, offering you real service is what keeps us in business and keeps you coming back for more.

With over 15 years’ experience in selling technology products into the automotive & commercial vehicle industry, we offer expert knowledge, understanding of applications, but importantly we will ‘listen to you’.

We hold stock, so as to offer quick service and we are at your disposal to offer technical back up, so as to assist you in your sales to your customers. Honest, practical advice is no more than a phone call or an e-mail away.

As a family business we care, in a way that larger organisations by the nature of their very size cannot. Our products are high quality, backed up by technical expertise.

We are proud to be your lighting supplier of choice. 







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